About The Women And Their Shoes

Women and their shoes has been a trending topic for a very long time; all women have several pairs of shoes even some they do not wear. The major reason for this is the crucial role any shoe plays in a fashion design; they all add an extra touch to it and make a woman look elegant mostly when well matched with the dressing. There are different types of women shoes ranging from the open sandals to theĀ thigh high boots. All these add a different appearance to any woman adorning them.

What dictates the woman shoe type?

The first factor is the fashion sense of the woman, and there are different fashionistas who create trends of wearing and the play a key role in deciding what is to be worn and what is to be regarded as out of season. These include designers and celebrities. For example, if a top-rated star celebrity wore a particular type of shoe to a red carpet event, all ladies will be fighting to have a similar type of shoe.

The other dictating factor is the seasons, different seasons like winter and spring; require wearing warmly, and that is when boots are every ladies favorite. A Proper shoe for the right season ensures that you are comfortable and still maintains the classy lady look that you are always after.

The occasion to which a lady is dressing for is another factor, night outs, hiking wedding, office and other events all require a different shoe for the ladies. There are even more specific dress-up parties that need one to have a unique footwear to create uniformity and collaborate with the event’s theme.

The personal preference cannot also be ignored when it comes to the choice of the shoe; women will prefer having a particular type of shoe for any occasion or any season. For example, a shorter slender lady would prefer high heeled knee high boots to disguise a lot in her body, things like height and body curves.

The other factors like quality and availability all play a minor role to the shoe enthusiasts; there are those that can have customized shoes shipped across continents just to satisfy their desires for a specific type of footwear.


To women, shoes are a significant essential part of their wardrobes, and if they must have them, they have them right. Ensure always that you purchase the right size and the one that actually gives you that perfect look. Check with the trends to make sure that you are always abreast of the current shoe fashion.