Are You Into Blush Jeans?

Pink is the color of the hour and it is here to stay in women’s fashion. From tops and dresses, it has made its way to jeans and the result has been mesmerizing. Women’s Blush jeans have been seen on everyone, from celebs to models and we are completely in love with the color of these jeans. The color blush which is the perfect shade of pink is the epitome of Parisian chic fashion. If you too want to adopt this adorable little trend but are confused on how to integrate these jeans into your outfits, then we have the perfect guide for you to integrate this trend into your personal style.

1-Embrace florals
If you want to play it safe, you can always pair these pink mud colored jeans with floral shirts. This outfit combination will give you a fun and flirty look. Wear strappy sandals or nude heels underneath and you have got yourself a winning combination. Stick to light-colored florals as to not overpower the color of the jeans and make them the star of your whole outfit.

2-Go in contrast with black
The best way to draw attention to your new colored denim is to pair it with the darkest of colors, black. Black and coral go really well together and this outfit combination will make you look absolutely smashing. Take this fun trend into the winter by pairing up your blush jeans with an edgy black sweater and black boots and you will created a smashing new personal style for yourself.

3-Go basic with white
While the concept of a light color paired with an even lighter color may sound crazy, it absolutely works in this case. Pair your blush jeans with a white top for a simple and casual look. You can keep it simple and chic with sleeveless tops or go a bit on the wild side with tube tops and off the shoulder tops. Layering will also add more of a glam factor to the outfit.

4-Switch it up with denim
While the color blush is all about pastels and being ladylike, adding denim to the mix makes the color look edgier. This winning combination will make you look effortlessly cool and will perfectly balance out the sweetness of the pink jeans. Go crazy with fun accessories and loud purses to add the factor of quirkiness.

One of the best things about this super cute fashion trend is that it has the potential to look good on everyone, the exception being that it is predominately based on one’s skin tone and the tone of the blush jeans, the result being the color will pop on you and make you look absolutely stunning. Do keep in mind that a lot will also depend on the tone of the blush jeans. By making your own crazy combinations with women’s blush jeans, you will be able to create a gorgeous personal style for yourself. Just put these fabulous jeans on and see how perfectly it hugs every curve of your body, making you look effortlessly sexy and chic.